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Kamishibai-related links I've stumbled across (or had shoved in my face) while sojourning through the internet. Many of the authors' personal sites have at least some of their stories available for free download, so you might want to do some investigating.

If you want to be placed here, drop me a line.

Official Links

Otaku World
The largest database of kamishibai stories on the web. Everything started here.
The Kamishibai Forum: Redux
The main hub of kamishibai activity! Drop in and say hi. Be sure to register for access to exclusive content!
The Kamishibai LJ Community
Definitely worth a read; it's packed full of content despite being largely supplanted by the new forums.
The Kamishibai Post
Though outdated, the Post has some interesting archival content. If you're feeling nostalgic, visit at least once.

Personal Sites

7th Moon
The website of one Michael Joy. His kamishibai 7th Moon was an entry in the 1st Annual Mount Helicon Competition.
The personal website of Alex F, a.k.a Chibi Alex-chan. Over the years she's made more than twenty kamishibai!
The online home of Rebecca Richards. You may know her as Rebo Valence, author of LoveQuest.
Kamishibai Sanctuary
Red (under a few similar aliases) is responsible for Top 20, Cu Bono, and many other kamishibai.
Meagen's Webspace
Meagan has made this her home on the web, after creating Codename: SailorM, and Mystery Moonies Shibai. Of particular note is that her site has the largest set of kamishibai reviews on the internet!

M&M's KiSSes
Don't be fooled by her site name—along with making KiSS dolls, MaryEllen is the co-creator of High City, and the author of The Legend of Aledarte. What a talent!
overactive imaginations
ElaineMC has authored several interactive kamishibai, including Hide and Seek and Norah Serrano.
A collective belonging to the members of Project AX. They've released over ten works, including Amy's Kitchen: Guy's Story.
Ribby's World
Bucket has done a number of stories, including the infamous Hikawa Hijinks.
Toni's World of Stuff
Toni makes games, midis, and artwork — but he's also responsible for Magical Madness, Dracula, and more!

Links In

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